27 May 2024

What is the AIDA academic post?

As part of the Federal Governments’ Closing the Gap strategy, the Department of Health has earmarked a specialised academic post referred to as the AIDA academic post. The post is an identified training term open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander general practitioners in training.

What can I expect from this role?

The AIDA post comprises 0.5 FTE clinical work in a general practice clinic (minimum of 14.5 hours per week) and 0.5 FTE in academia including research (11.4 hours) and teaching (7.6 hours). The successful applicant will be supported to visit AIDA’s office in Canberra several times over the course of the post. Applicants may develop their own topic in consultation with their university supervisor or select from the a list of suggested topics.

Find out the topics and how to apply:

27 May 2024