Support resources: Voice to Parliament referendum

AIDA recognises that the dialogue surrounding the referendum vote can be overwhelming and triggering for members of our community. We have put together some resources for anyone needing extra support in the lead up to Voice to Parliament referendum vote.  We encourage you to utilise the listed resources: • 13YARN [Thirteen YARN]: national crisis support … Continued

Journeys into Medicine volume 2 (2019)

Journeys into Medicine volume 2 aims to inform and share the stories of AIDA’s Indigenous doctors and medical students with a wide audience both within and outside of the medical industry. Our goal when creating a second volume was to inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to pursue a career within the health industry

Journeys into Medicine (2009)

The first edition of our book Journeys into Medicine was launched by the Hon Warren Snowdon, Minister for Indigenous Health, Rural and Regional Health and Regional Services Delivery at the 2009 AIDA conference in Brisbane. The publication profiles 15 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors and five students. Order a physical copy through our online store.