Annual General Meetings

Each year, AIDA holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is for all members where key reports are presented, and elections are held for vacant positions on the Board.

The AGM is governed by the AIDA Constitution which gives detailed information on how meetings must be called, and run.

Governing Laws

AIDA is a public company limited by Guarantee, not having a share capital and incorporated under the Commonwealth Corporations Act (2001) and the Act and Regulation 2013.

AIDA is a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and is required to meet the legal requirements of a registered charity under the ACNC Act 2012.

Procedures for conducting Annual General Meetings are in the AIDA constitution under ‘Proceedings of meetings of members’.

Past Annual General Meeting booklets

2021 AGM booklet

2020 AGM booklet

2019 AGM booklet

2018 AGM booklet

2017 AGM booklet

2016 AGM booklet

2015 AGM booklet

2014 AGM booklet

2013 AGM booklet

2012 AGM booklet

2011 AGM booklet