AIDA member portal

The power is in your hands!

AIDA members can now access and update their details online, connect with other AIDA members, and get exclusive access to opportunities!  

To get the most out of the member portal, we ask our members to please update your details and visit the portal regularly. Your interaction with the member portal will give AIDA Secretariat the best opportunity to assist you on your medical journey.  

To access the benefits that the portal provides, create your account and update your details today!  

Portal announcements 
AIDA Secretariat will update this section (found on the homepage of the member portal) with the latest information relating to AIDA members. As an AIDA member, you can also share an update or announcement about your medical journey! Try it out today. 

Member directory 
A space for AIDA members to network online. AIDA members can choose to share their contact details on the member directory and connect with other members. Please refer to AIDA’s privacy policy and Terms and Conditions for more information on how your details will be shared on the member directory and the portal in general.  

MET Continuum 
Updating this section with your most current details will ensure AIDA can more effectively support you at every point of your medical journey. From exclusive bursary and scholarship opportunities to more targeted support, your MET continuum details can ensure that AIDA can provide you with tailored support.  

Register your interest as a mentor or mentee and join a network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors and medical students supporting each other through your medical journey. Visit the member portal to get started, and email for more information.  

The use of the member portal is underscored by AIDA’s privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. We ask our members to please refer to these policies before interacting with the AIDA member portal.  

Terms and conditions for using the portal

By continuing to access the portal you agree to the following terms and conditions:  

  • You will not copy, store or duplicate any member data from the portal on any other device, server or storage system 
  • You will not share or disseminate any member data outside of the portal 
  • You will use member data obtained through the portal only for the purpose of communicating directly with that member 
  • You will not share member contact details or member data with any other person or organisation, including other members, without their express consent 
  • You will not continue to contact a member if they have requested that you do not contact them 
  • You will not send any marketing or unsolicited material to members who you access via the portal 
  • You will not send any member any material that is, or could be deemed to be, offensive, inappropriate, illegal or unsuitable for a professional forum.  
  • You will report via the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry” any activity or communication that you receive through, or facilitated by, the portal that is unsolicited marketing, offensive, inappropriate, illegal or unsuitable for a professional forum. 

What are my log in details?  

Your log in details are your e-mail address and the password you set up when you created your account via the Welcome to the Member Portal e-mail. 

I didn’t get an e-mail inviting me to the portal. What can I do? 

Please check your junk folder. If it is not in your junk folder, please lodge an enquiry via the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry” so we can help link you to the Member Portal.  

My password does not work – how can I get a new one? 

Please select “forgot password” underneath the log in function and create a new password for your account. 

I have logged in but can’t see anything on the web site/portal 

Please refresh your page and if problems persist, please lodge an enquiry via the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry” so we can help you access the Member Portal. 

I have logged in and my details are not correct. I tried to update my details, but it did not work. 

Please contact us by using the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry”. We can help you trouble shoot the problems you encounter and update your details manually if we are unable to do so through the Member Portal.   

How do I update my details? 

After you have logged in to the portal, you can edit all of your details by selecting “My Account” and selecting the relevant drop down option. Update your details and hit “save changes” – it’s really that simple! 

How do I access other members’ contact details? 

Log in to your Member Portal via the “Log in” function that can be selected at the top right corner of the website. After you have logged in, select “Member Directory” in the selection panel. Once you can see the list of members’ contact details, use the search box at the top left of the list to locate the member you are searching for. Please note, it is the at the discretion of members whether they make their contact details publicly available, so all members’ contact details may not be available in the directory.  

How can I communicate with other members?  

You can communicate with other members by abiding by the Terms and Conditions of Using the Member Portal. Once you have accessed and understood the Terms and Conditions, you can simply access members’ contact details and make contact.  

I’ve forgotten my log in details – how can I find them?  

You should be able to locate your log in details by locating the Welcome e-mail from AIDA in your inbox. Your username is your e-mail address and if you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by following the steps in question 3. If you are unable to determine your log in details via these steps, please contact us via the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry”. 

I want to know more about and become part of the AIDA Mentoring Program. How do I access this through the portal? 

AIDA’s Mentoring Program is currently undergoing stages of design, so there will be more information to follow. You can express interest in the AIDA Mentoring Program by updating your contact details. You can do this by selecting “my account”, then select “Mentoring” and select the boxes that are applicable to you. 

I received an email, but I am not a member. I do not want to be a member

Please lodge an enquiry via the contact form and select “Membership Enquiry” and we can take you off the mailing list. 

Visit your member portal here.