AIDA supports the Voice to Parliament

01 Jun 2023
Media Release


The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) today publicly announces support of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament.

Embedding the Indigenous Voice to Parliament would recognise the formative place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s history, while ensuring that the wellbeing of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples should no longer be discriminated and politicised.

AIDA’s Chief Executive Officer, Donna Burns says that “Voting ‘Yes’ for The Voice to Parliament aligns with AIDA’s vision in ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have self-determination and equitable health outcomes.”

“A Voice to Parliament will help achieve this by providing decision makers with direct advice from those directly impacted by policies and laws.

“The data overwhelmingly demonstrates that an unacceptable health gap persists due to the health inequities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples” Ms Burns said.

“The position that AIDA holds is based on our vision to rectify the continued health-disparity that disproportionally affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and this unique opportunity to influence policy, which may not present itself again in our lifetimes.”

As a member-based organisation, AIDA values and respects the diversity of our members and understands there will be differing and passionate opinions on the referendum.

Nonetheless, the successful creation of a Voice to Parliament will enshrine a constitutional change for future generations, free from any actions subsequent governments may take to overturn the referendum.

AIDA will continue to support and advocate for all our members, regardless of opinion, and we will continue to support each individual to exercise their right to self-determination.

All Australians are encouraged to actively engage and educate themselves around the Voice to Parliament, through reliable and trusted sources of information, before casting their vote.

The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) is the peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students and doctors in Australia. Our purpose is to grow ethical and professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors who will lead and drive equitable and just outcomes for our people.


01 Jun 2023