Meet Director, Dr Natalie Pink

03 May 2024

Dr Natalie Pink is a Nyikina woman (familial ties to the Kimberley) and born on Kaurna land, where she has lived most of her life. Dr Pink is a fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and she has been an AIDA Board Director for two years.

We asked Dr Pink to share her experience of being an AIDA Board Director, as we begin our search for more dynamic individuals to join the AIDA Board later this year.

Why and when did you join the AIDA board?

I joined the AIDA board in November 2022 to provide a voice for rural and remote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people as well as medical students, registrars and colleagues living and working in the rural and remote space. I have always had a passion for improving health systems and providing advocacy in this space.

What do you enjoy about being on the AIDA board?

I enjoy learning from the rest of the board members as well as the current CEO and COO. Whenever we get together we all discuss current issues affecting our members and how we may be able to represent them in local, state and federal health departments and medical schools. I love meeting our members and welcoming new medical students into the AIDA family.

Would you recommend others to join the AIDA board – and why?

I would absolutely recommend others to join the AIDA board. It is a safe place to learn governance and gives you the experience to take with you back to your local areas to continue advocacy within our health systems.

What would make a good AIDA board member?

A good AIDA board member is someone who is able to listen but also provide insight or opinion into important matters affecting our members. Being a team player and willing to step up into a leadership role are must have attributes.

03 May 2024