Getting started

There is plenty of assistance available if you wish to become an Indigenous medical student. The best place to start is the university itself.

You may be interested in a number of universities and making contact with the relevant people will help determine which universities you wish to apply to.

Support centres

Student associations and networks

Student councils

Student societies

If you are still unsure, AIDA is here to help. Be sure to register as an AIDA member so that we can support you to the best of our ability.

Additional resources

The AIDA Indigenous Medical Students’ Guide to Medical
is a compilation of lessons learned, tips and tricks for Indigenous medical students, by Indigenous medical students. We believe that some issues that many of us have experienced are specific to being an Indigenous person in medical school, and are common across medical schools.

The LIME Network Indigenous Pathways into Medicine Online Resource is designed to help future students determine which university will be the best fit for you as you study to become a doctor.

For more information or assistance, please email us at or call (02) 6273 5013.